Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A Little KISS Goes A Long Way

Nature's canvas.

All you could ever ask for in a painting is right in front of you when you're painting "en plein air". Keep It Simple...

Let loose with all your visual soul when painting outdoors. But first smell the air, hear the wind, birds, insects all around you. Give yourself up to the experience and you will be exhilarated in the immersion with nature. Sit and contemplate what is in front of you before you start. Take your time. Enjoy it. This time out before you paint will prove to be valuable later on as you rush to capture the light. Your time "seeing" is well spent. Never, ever rush that time. Drink it in and translate that into paint on canvas or board. The memories of the scene will be with you for a long time, helping you when you're back in the studio. Try it.

The Old One -  10"x12" Plein Air Sketch  at
Pancake Bay, Lake Superior by Warren Peterson

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