Thursday, 27 September 2012

A Visual Feast

Renewing your faith in colour

Fall is the time of year where we, as artists, renew our faith in colour and just let it out - loud and bold!

I use this time of year to reflect on why Fall is important to me as an artist - great scenes with strong light, high drama and cool, clean crisp air with that distinct smell of fallen leaves. Nothing better than walking down the path in the woods shuffling the leaves under your shoes!

Here's a new Fall painting. I was driving home from our cottage on Lake Superior when I saw this passing storm and the sunlit hills. It left an indelible mark on my memory, just like the smell of fallen leaves!

After the Storm by Warren Peterson 12" x 12"


  1. This is cool Warren, the intensity against the cooler background is surely a daring feat which balances out with the foreground mix of both. This is why I love landscape painting, even mother nature plays on the rules of color theory.

  2. This is stunning, Warren! I'm in love with color and exaggerate it in my paintings. This one really appeals to me!