Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Two Paintings Can Go A Long Way!

Letting Your Babies Go!

Funny how things just come together sometimes! The collector who purchased the two paintings in my previous post just bought one more based on an email that I sent out! Here's the painting.

"It's a Good Day" by Warren Peterson - 16" x  20" 
In addition a new collector contacted me to commission a sunrise painting based on the one above! That painting is in the works.

I had a solo show this past July and also had a jury select me for inclusion into the Queens Walk Art Show in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. New works were shown including:

"One Spring Morning" by Warren Peterson - 16" x 20" 
 "One Spring Morning" is a departure for me in that I was more interested in the tonal effects vs. a panoramic landscape. This painting has been submitted to the Northern Ontario Art Association jury show.

"Nature's Paintbrush" by Warren Peterson 5" x 7" 
"Nature's Paintbrush" is sold as well, to local collectors who also have one of my works. They saw it at the Queens Walk Show and called me a few days later to purchase it. This painting is one of my smallest works and I really like the way it turned out so more are in the making at this size. For example, here's...

"Taking the Long View" by Warren Peterson - 5" x  7" 
I think I will try this size plein air!

My solo show generated a lot of publicity and two of my favourite paintings sold, both to new collectors!

This one, "Standing Guard, Agawa Canyon" can be seen from start to finish in the Demonstration page in my web site here http://www.warrenpetersonfineart.com/demonstration.html

I have my "special" ones and this is one of them:

"Standing Guard - Agawa Canyon by Warren Peterson - 9" x 12" 
I do a lot of plein air painting in the Fall and one of my favourites, "Sand River Rapids" was also sold at my solo show.  This was bought as a gift to the purchasers' son as a new house warming gift. They love the painting! Here it is:

"Sand River Rapids" by Warren Peterson - 10" x 12" 
Next up -  From Doodle to Painting! How to take an idea to a completed landscape painting.

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  1. Warren this was an excellent post! Congrats on the sales and so justly deserved, The sunset is beautiful and the clouds are perfect "It's a good day" is appropriately named.

  2. I love your paintings.. It's a Good day, is beautiful!